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To gain a competitive advantage, you need more than just an amazing team of technologists, you need a partner who can rapidly create solutions to automate your quality control or measurement systems and generate meaningful data to improve your designs. We’ve helped a lot of companies achieve 100% automated quality control and know exactly what it takes to get you from concept to completion, fast.

We turn your challenges into elegant solutions.

Automatic Quality Inspection

Automatic Quality Inspection

A cost effective (long-term ROI) way to improve your product quality and help facilitate business growth is to automate your quality control. When the quality inspection process is automated it becomes more accurate, repeatable and much quicker, ensuring that products are produced at the highest quality levels and are able to get to market more efficiently.

Machine Vision

Machine Vision

High resolution cameras coupled with the best optics and advanced lighting enables us to develop tailor-made machine vision algorithms specific to your product and QC demands. With advanced image processing techniques we can design your system to detect details at unparalleled speeds.

Measurements and Analysis

Measurements and Analysis

We approach software design with data driven analysis in mind from the beginning, so we can help you develop tools that allow you to fully understand your system. The ability to collect, analyze and visualize your system's data enables you to gain valuable insight into your project.

Powered by LabVIEW

Powered by LabVIEW

We use LabVIEW and National Instruments equipment from prototype to product in order to develop your project into a reliable and robust solution. Keeping all software development in LabVIEW saves months of development work and will allow you to get your system ready fast.


Certified LabVIEW Developer

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Who we are

A small company of automation, measurement and machine vision experts.


Our combined experiences covers a wide range of industrial automation fields, ranging from rubber parts manufacturing to industrial measurement systems and everything in between.

Certified knowledge

Our experts have engineering degrees ranging from MSc to PhD, with additional professional certifications, including Certified LabVIEW Developer.


We are based in Slovenia, but are happy to work anywhere in the world.
Current long-distance customer record: 9057km from Xiamen, China


We are all engineers by education and by heart. We strive to build each detail in the most creative and elegant, yet robust way possible. Sometimes, less is more.

Collaborative design

We start by understanding the intrinsic needs of the end users. We design in collaboration with you, so the end result creates an exceptional user experience with a robust and predictable system.


Our team of professionals deliver high quality products right from the start. Agile development by our Certified LabVIEW Developer provides you with a stable, production ready software with a user friendly user interface.

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